One-click Checkout / Buy Now

One-click checkout, buy now, magic link
The below function can be used to create a quick checkout link that bring the customer straight to checkout populated with the product variant and selling plan provided.
function skioMagicLinkGenerator(productVariantId, sellingPlanId) {
const magic = {
products: [
sellingPlanPlatformId: sellingPlanId,
productVariantPlatformId: productVariantId
const stringifiedMagic = btoa(JSON.stringify(magic))
return `/a/account/groups/join?magic=${stringifiedMagic}`
Here is an example of using this with a button element. The variant id and selling plan id are pulled from the add to cart form when the button is clicked so the magic link is dynamically based on the most most recently selected values.
<button skio-buy-now {% if form_id %}form="{{ form_id }}"{% endif %}>
Buy Now
const buttonEl = document.querySelector('[skio-buy-now]')
buttonEl.addEventListener('click', (e) => {
const formAttr = buttonEl.getAttribute('form')
const form = document.getElementById(formAttr)
const formData = new FormData(form)
let variantId, sellingPlanId
for ([key, value] of formData.entries()) {
switch (key) {
case 'id':
variantId = value
case 'selling_plan':
sellingPlanId = value
if (variantId && sellingPlanId) {
window.location.href = skioMagicLinkGenerator(variantId, sellingPlanId)