Plan Picker

How to add the Skio Plan Picker to your product pages using App Blocks

App blocks are only supported on Shopify Online 2.0 themes if you aren't using a Shopify Online 2.0 theme, please proceed to the manual setup section

Adding the Skio Plan Picker to your product pages

  1. Navigate to your Shopify Admin Dashboard and select Online Store located in the Sales Channels section

  2. Duplicate the live theme of your store to safely make changes without affecting the live site

  3. Click customize on the newly created duplicate theme

  4. Navigate to your product page template

  1. Under Product information, select add new block, then select Skio Subscriptions

  1. Adjust the placement of the Skio Plan Picker to where you would like

  2. Customize the Skio Plan Picker to your liking and then click save

Ensure the Form ID syntax matches that of the form ID in your theme. This is already configured for Dawn based themes, but may require adjustments for others.

  1. Preview the duplicate theme and ensure everything is working properly. You can do this by selecting a subscription using the Skio Plan Picker and navigating to checkout. If you see an interval under the selected product everything is working properly!

  2. When ready, publish the new theme to start selling subscriptions with Skio!

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