Getting Started

High-level overview of how to install and setup Skio

Follow the "Theme setup" page in the Skio dashboard

Follow the first two steps, if you are going the app block route, then these docs probably aren't for you. Here we are going over the second option "Advanced: Install Skio theme code", once the installation is complete, the live theme should contain the files below.
  • assets/skio-plan-picker.js
  • assets/skio-plan-picker.css
  • snippets/skio-plan-picker.liquid
  • snippets/skio-details.liquid
  • snippets/skio-cart-label.liquid
The skio-plan-picker.liquid is the most important of these, it imports the other 2 skio-plan-picker.* files and the skio-details.liquid file.

Use the Shopify CLI to create a development theme

  1. 1.
    shopify login
  2. 2.
    shopify pull (pull the live theme)
  3. 3.
    shopify serve

Add the skio plan picker to the add to cart forms

An add to cart form should always be on the product page and is sometimes on featured product sections, recommended products sections, etc. Following the Usage section for the plan picker snippet, add the plan picker to the form. Read through the conditionally required parameters, as they might be necessary in your case.